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Digital Whiteness Tester Leucometer for paper/Flour/Paint (เครื่องวัดความขาว กระดาษ แป้ง สี) รุ่น WSB-1 ราคากันเอง

Digital Whiteness Tester Leucometer for paper/Flour/Paint (เครื่องวัดความขาว กระดาษ แป้ง สี) รุ่น WSB-1 ราคากันเอง
Digital Whiteness Tester Leucometer for paper/Flour/Paint (เครื่องวัดความขาว กระดาษ แป้ง สี) รุ่น WSB-1 ราคากันเอง thumbnail 1Digital Whiteness Tester Leucometer for paper/Flour/Paint (เครื่องวัดความขาว กระดาษ แป้ง สี) รุ่น WSB-1 ราคากันเอง thumbnail 2Digital Whiteness Tester Leucometer for paper/Flour/Paint (เครื่องวัดความขาว กระดาษ แป้ง สี) รุ่น WSB-1 ราคากันเอง thumbnail 3
รหัสสินค้า WSB-1
หมวดหมู่ Color Meter (เครื่องวัดสี)
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WSB-1 digital whiteness meter Uses Summary of functions
    Digital whiteness meter is mainly applied to the non-colored surface or near-white flat whiteness measurement object or powders, can be obtained accurately consistent with the sensation level of whiteness.
For the opacity of the paper can be accurately measured.
WSB-1 digital whiteness meter measurement accuracy, beautifully designed, easy to carry.
Ideal for laboratory, out of a sample quality control, field, flow of work purposes.
    It can be widely used in textile printing and dyeing, paint, chemicals, building materials, paper, cardboard, plastic products, white cement, ceramic, enamel, talc, starch, flour, salt, metrology, inspection, detergents, cosmetics and other substances whiteness measurement.
Model: WSB-1
Measuring range: 0 to 199
Whiteness formula: blue whiteness WB = R457
Source: LED light source
According to test conditions: compliance with GB / T3978 provisions 45/0
Display: LCD liquid crystal display
Measurement Aperture: ¢ 16
Minimum Indication: 0.1
Measurement repeatability: 0.2
Indication error: ≤ ± 1
Environment: temperature (5  ~ 35 ); humidity (≤85% RH)
Transportation, storage environment: temperature (-20  ~ 50 ); humidity (≤90% RH)
Power supply: DC 1.5V × 5 AA alkaline batteries (not included);
Instrument features: Product Characteristics
1. aluminum box , easy to carry, suitable for field testing of samples.
2. adopt original imported components, high efficiency, low loss switching power supply reliability.
3. efficient light source system to measure times of up to 200,000 hours, no need to replace the light source.
4. reasonable, simple optical design, using the revised color system that can quantitatively reflect the fluorescent whitening whiteness after.
5. using 45/0 observation conditions can eliminate the influence of the measured object due to surface gloss whiteness values.
6. reliable sealing platform design, can effectively prevent light leakage measurement orifice.
7. micro-power design, five AA batteries (not included)  can be used more than six months.
8. test speed, 1 second to complete a measurement operation.
9. easy to operate, can accurately measure the opacity of paper
10. measurement data is stable and repeatable.
11. intelligent memory system, after the instrument after initial setup, when the general measurement no longer be zero adjustment and white calibration.
12. instrument has an automatic power saving features, without any action after the instrument is turned on, automatically shut down after 15 minutes.
13. measurement operation error alarm.
14. use of national calibration standard whiteboard to deliver value, accurate and reliable measurements.
15. low battery indicator function, when the battery is exhausted can prompt the user to replace the battery, in order to ensure accurate and effective measurement operations.

Technique parameter:


Measuring Range

Measurement Range: 0~99

Measuring Condition


Whiteness Mean

Whiteness degree of blue light  R457

Minimum Readout




Zero Draft


Basic Error




External Dimension

235*75*65 mm

Power Supply

DC 1.5V, 5 AA alkaline dry cells DC7.5V 0.4A power supply adapt


This instrument can be widely applied for the measurement of the whiteness degree of the objects like textile & printing & dying, oil paint & dope, chemical construction material, paper & paper plate, plastic product, white cement, ceramics, porcelain enamel, porcelain clay, French chalk, starch, flour, salt, wash, and cosmetics, etc.

Note : If  use to measure the powder material  , should be fill the powder into the something like Pot , bowl or Pan then compress ,  after press tightly ,then you can measrue


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