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เครื่องทดสอบแรงกระแทกฟิล์ม (Paint film impactor) รุ่น 120 (A/B)

เครื่องทดสอบแรงกระแทกฟิล์ม (Paint film impactor) รุ่น 120 (A/B)
รหัสสินค้า 120 (A/B)
หมวดหมู่ เครื่องวัดความแข็ง(Hardness Tester)
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120 (A/B)Paint film impactor

I. overview

QCJ - 120(120A,120B) a series of film impact testers for maximum height of a fixed mass of heavy haMmer that falls on the test board without causing damage to the paint film120Test for shock resistance of paint film in centimeters. The instrument does not rebound two times after impact test.

Two, the main technical indicators (see table)

Instrument type

Technical index




Instrument scale length

120 + 0.2cm

120 + 0.2cm

120 + 0.2cm





HaMmer quality

(1000 + 1)g

(1000 + 1) g

(2000 + 2) g

Specification for impact head




Diameter of concave hole of pillow block




Radius of curvature




Impact depth of impact head

(2 + 0.1)mm

(2.5 + 0.1)mm

(2.5 + 0.1)mm

Hospitality standard

GB/T1732 - 93Test method for shock resistance of paint films

GB/T5237.4-2000Aluminum alloy building profiles4Partial powder spraying section

ASTM D2794-92Test method for resistance to rapid deformation (impact) of organic coatings

Three, the main structure and working principle:

Main structure:

1, base

2, Pillow block

3, Punch

4, Arm

5, screw

6, Slide

7, Localizer

8, Controller components

Working principle:

The counterweight with the hook is fixed on the required height by the controller screw, and the height is that the scale of the slide barrel shows that the height mark coincides with the positioning mark line. Press the control screw controller spring is compressed, and then the control hole hole controller on the slider cover and the bottom of the controller is the hook off, hammer down, hit the punch, punch down in advance on the pillow block on the test board. Then lift the heavy hammer and take out the test board to observe the test of the paint film on the test board.

Four, operation and use

1, Get ready

(1) Please read the instructions carefully before use.

(2) Zeroing. Check whether the alignment mark is on the zero line. If there is any deviation, drop the heavy hammer to the bottom of the sliding barrel. (because the impact bar is equipped with a reset spring, the heavy hammer should press down along the slideway to fall to the bottom). Adjust both sides of the localizer. Make the position mark coincide with the zero line.

(3) The base is provided with two mounting holes for useM12Bolts stabilize the impactor on a flat floor or platform.

2, operation

(1) Test board placement. The board prepared placed on the pillow block, and attached on the pillow block concave hole, film upward, the impact points from the edge of the plate is not less than15mmOr in the middle of the test board. If the use of a test plate count test, should make the edge of each impact point are not less than15mm.

(2) Setting height of heavy hammer. Meanwhile, the controller screws can be moved up and down on both sides of the slide cylinder. According to the test requirements, the first height, please mark the position line and the sliding cylinder scale line, will tighten the screws, the controller.

(3) Test example. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the standard, the setting of the heavy hammer delivery height is completed, and the prepared test board is placed on the bolster block. Press the control screw, the hammer is free to fall on the punch, and the impact bar is passed on to the test board on the bolster block. The weight lifting hook, by hanging heavy hammer on the controller, remove the test plate. use4Double magnifying glass to observe whether the film has cracks, wrinkles and peeling and so on. This test is for reference only. The specific test method is based on the relevant provisions in the standard.

Five , maintenance and maintenance

1, The instrument shall be in a dry, clean and non corrosive gas environment. Instruments should be kept clean and flexible.

When the controller is blocked due to storage or improper use, the inner six angle wrench can be used to loosen the support armM10Inner six angle screw, the sliding tube removed, then unscrew the screws and screws on both sides of controller, hammer, screwdriver remove the pipe at the bottom by the location bracket fastening screws can be removed for cleaning and repairing controller.


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